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Illuminating the World: Leon’s Proficiency in Public Speaking, Media Appearances, and Workshops.

A seasoned public speaker, mentor, and influential thought leader, Leon Marinus commands a deep understanding of mass media and its myriad nuances. With his rich entrepreneurial knowledge and business acumen, Leon leaves an indelible impact on each platform he graces.

Leon has carved his presence across popular television shows and media platforms globally, including the renowned investigative journalism show, Carte Blanche, Africa Magic Channel, and Expresso, sharing his insightful expertise and invaluable experiences.

Beyond television appearances, Leon is a recognised figure in the international speaking circuit. From the United States and the United Kingdom to Dubai, Mauritius, and across various African countries, he has captivated audiences on global stages with his profound narratives and engaging speaking style. He has not only conducted numerous workshops but has also been a keynote speaker at high-profile events, often addressing gatherings that span into the thousands.

Whether articulating complex business strategies in a TV interview, mentoring in a workshop, or inspiring attendees at an international conference, Leon is known for his eloquence and his ability to distil complicated concepts into understandable and inspiring takeaways.

Leon’s journey in public speaking, media appearances, and workshops is a testament to his leadership in business growth strategies and his expansive influence in the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape.

Leon’s Experience

With Kevin Harrington in San Diego

3 Month Entrepreneurial show, Good Morning Africa - 200 million viewers

Cross Channel Marketing MOJO Conference California

Corporate Training & Mentorship Uniglobe Travel Global in Mauritius

National Achievers Conference

MC - Miss Roodepoort

Main Speaker and Panelist - Roctoberfest Marketing World Events - San Diego

MC & Host: Face to Face Graduation - Silverstar Casino


Keynote Speaker Nedbank Business Event

MC - Chamber of Commerce Networking

SADTA Gauteng Dance Championships - MC

Commencement Speech & Handing over of Diplomas for Graduates at UniCollege 2015

South Africa Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2015 - Winner

SA Dept of Arts & Culture Sport Event FNB Stadium 2015 - Head of Marketing

Marketing Summit 2016 - Peng Joon

Success Resources Conference with Brendon Burchard

Click & Grow Business JHB workshop

Guest Speaker for Public Speaking Association of Southern Africa

Entrepreneurial TV Interview - KykNet

Zero to Hero Workshop - Silverstar Casino

MC - Wedding

Expresso - Entrepreneurial and Business Interview 2017

Click & Grow Business Seminars 2017

Leon's Public Speaking Workshop

Hirschs Business Event - Entrepreneurial Guest Speaker

NSBC My Business Expo 2018

Madex Expo 2019

Click & Grow Business 2021

Leon Marinus on Carte Blanche


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