Google launches new Accelerated Mobile Pages project

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Good news for businesses and mobile users alike! Google has launched their Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. Tablets and Smartphones have dominated the technology industry leading to an increase in mobile users.

When a web page takes too long to load, people tend to give up the search half way through resulting in high bounce rates. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project improves the speed at which content loads significantly.

How AMP works

Google wants webpages with content like graphics, videos and animations to load instantaneously on mobiles. Accelerated Mobile Pages project aims to regulate how content looks and feels. They will build a more common technical core between pages, resulting in mobile users accessing the information they were searching for in nanoseconds. Developers will be able to cache AMP files in the cloud to reduce the time it takes for content to get to a user’s mobile device.

Twitter,, Adobe and LinkedIn are but a few of the technology companies already planning to integrate AMP HTML pages.

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Time is precious to mobile users so they expect instant access to the news, visuals and videos they are searching for. AMP accomplishes just that. Businesses will experience a lower bounce rate on their webpages since mobile users will not give up their search out of impatience. This in turn will only lead to a growth in prospective clients.
The people involved in the project are working on creating Sustainable Ad Practices so that the ads in accelerated mobile page files are safe, quick, compelling and effective for users.

What to expect in the following months

It just gets better from here on out. The cogs and wheels in Google’s HQ keeps on spinning, constantly thinking of ways to improve users’ internet experience. In the following months, they will work with other participants to build more functionality in delivery and content.
Web publishers will be able to deliver content across the globe faster to different devices through Google’s high performance global cache.

In marketing, businesses rely on rich content like maps, social plug-ins, graphics and videos to draw prospective clients to their site. These are the common causes for pages loading slowly on mobile devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages enables publishers to focus on producing quality content without worrying that the webpages will take too long to load on mobile phones.

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