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It is the age of smart phones and tablets and people expect to be able to access everything on their mobiles. They want the answers to their questions at their fingertips, instant access. It has never been more important for businesses to make their brand and information accessible to mobile users. Facebook has initially created the Pages section as a way businesses could promote themselves. However, they have recently decided to update this section for mobile users.

Nifty call-to-action buttons

The number one thing businesses always hear is how important a decent call-to-action is to marketing efforts. This, as the name states, is what drives customers to act. Facebook added some neat new, prominent call-to-action buttons. It does not matter if you want to get clients to make a booking or to contact you for more information, mobile users will see the call-to-action buttons more clearly and act on them.

Facebook is testing new call-to-action buttons like the “Call Now” and “Send Message” to make it easier for prospective customers to contact businesses. Keep an eye open for more call-to-action buttons to use in the near future. Mobile users can spot this button right under the Page cover photo.

Instant communication with your viewers

Facebook aimed to simplify the connection between businesses and their clients by updating the messaging features for Pages. This way, businesses can get in touch with their clients and answer queries much quicker. Soon, businesses will be able to reply to public comments with a private message.

The “Send Message” call-to-action button will enable businesses to initiate private conversations with their followers. Businesses will be able to respond privately to sensitive questions, an excellent thing for medical Pages. This will greatly enhance marketing strategies as customers like to feel valued and that they are heard.

Easier Page navigation

Facebook added two new sections for Pages, namely the Shop and Services section. The Shop section enables businesses in the retail industry to advertise their products more prominently while those businesses that provide a service will be able to highlight their offerings. This will all jump ahead to the top of the page where people can spot it instantly. This way, there is no need for businesses to continue reminding people about the services and products they deliver in posts. They can rather fill their page with some more interesting content in order to generate engagement with their followers.

Facebook is also updating the layout of the Pages, so that mobile users won’t have to scroll down and click to find the information they are looking for. Their main aim is to save time. They will give each Page section a specific tab so that when visitors click on it, they will gain access to more details. For example, the Home tab will contain highlights of each section so that the relevant information is more prominent when a person first views the page.

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