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After Facebook’s recent F8 conference, they’ve rolled out a few changes, some visible, others not so noticeable. Let’s give you the lowdown.

You can now insert a “Thankful” reaction on posts

Facebook recently expanded its reaction collection with a “Thankful” reaction. Many of you will already have noticed and used the little purple flower. Which reaction do you think Facebook should include next?

Advanced marketing analytics – Big Yay for Marketers

Advertisers have the ability to track Facebook Page interactions such as post reactions and shares in the analytics for websites, apps, services and bots. Business owners will now be able to see whether a person who commented or reacted on an item on the Facebook page did not go and view the item on the website as well.

Facebook also introduced an AI-powered Automated Insights tool that’ll help larger advertisers determine the ROI of their campaigns.

Create a group for your business page or link an existing group to your page

Those few marketers and businesses that are up for the task can now create a group specifically for their business page or link an existing group to the business page. Page owners will now be able to engage with group members as their page. This provides business owners with an excellent opportunity to establish themselves as an expert in their respective industries.

People can play games in the messenger app 

Gaming on Facebook has grown exponentially and Facebook has taken things a step further. People will now be able to easily discover, share and play games without having to install new apps. Currently there are 50 different games to play. You may ask what relevance this bears to marketers and businesses. Some brands have already introduced branded games for example The LEGO Batman Movie’s Bat Climb on the platform.

Even more changes to your Facebook news feed

In a blog update released on 10 May, Facebook has stated the following:

“Starting today, we’re rolling out an updated so people see fewer posts and ads in News Feed that link to these low-quality web page experiences.” Basically this means that marketers will once more have to step up their game and provide your audience with relevant and quality content.

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