Aim for the stars – Social Media Tips from Celebrities who are hot on social media right now

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When it comes to social media, celebrities are it. Several big brands make use of celebs to endorse their products but what if you don’t have that kind of dough to fork out? How do you compete with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Taylor Swift?

Don’t try to beat them, you never will my young, ambitious friend. Join them instead. Let’s share some pearls of social media wisdom straight from the jewellery boxes of the most liked celebrities at the moment.

Taylor Swift – Share Behind-the-Scenes footage and photos

Miss Swift loves sharing behind-the-scenes pics of herself with her cats, family, cats and trophies and stuff. Point is, she keeps it natural and gives her audience those rare behind-the-scenes glimpses they so crave.

If you own a business page, do the same. Don’t be shy to give customers a look inside the workings of your company.

Chrissy Teigen – Create a major hoo-ha around upcoming events and releases

We’ll just start this conversation off with an example. During the production of Chrissy’s cookbook, she shared lots of photos of the process, creating a massive build-up.

If something BIG is coming in your company, do share on social media. Post clues and have your audience guess what’s coming or think of something awesome! Better yet, let us do that for you.

Chrissy also has an Instagram tip for restaurants: Always take photos of food in daylight and never use a flash to snap those pictures.

Jimmy Fallon – Engage with your online audience on a regular basis

Jimmy Fallon uses Twitter as a platform to engage with his fans on a regular basis using hashtags like #latenight and #AwkwardDate etc. We admire Jimmy’s efforts as most celebs rarely have the time to engage with their followers.

Businesses should never neglect their fans. If someone comments on a post do ‘like’ it. If someone tweets photos or relevant reviews, retweet!

Emma Watson – Use social media to raise awareness for important causes

Anyone who follows Emma Watson on social media would know that her page is usually full of her latest charity projects. She is also an avid advocate for gender equality.

Businesses, if you support a worthy cause, make use of social media to raise awareness! Just be tactful about it and don’t boast – that’s not what it’s about.

Now, for something super cool… Here’s a little something to remind you that these mega celebs also started with 1 tweet and 1 follower once. Let’s take a look at celebrities’ very first tweets. Just ignore the hundreds of likes and retweets and be motivated! 😉


social media, first tweet




social media, first tweet


You don’t have to struggle on your own. Let us help you with your social media and branding, we won’t mind. Contact us and let’s have a cuppa.

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