From the spotlight of stages globally to the television screens of South Africa; Leon Marinus is widely acclaimed for his Cross Channel Marketing Expertise and motivational talks.

Leon is passionately comfortable in every sphere of his professional life; whether he finds himself on the set of Carte Blanche scrutinising the impact the Oscar Pistorius saga has had on social media globally, or working hands-on with his staff to take his marketing firm, ATKA SA, to new heights.

Although he had only introduced himself as Cross Channel Marketing Specialist in 2010, his accomplishments to date paint a picture of utmost value that is recognised by everyone who works with him as well as by those who attend his seminars or talks.


  • Leon is an award-winning Entrepreneur in South Africa.
  • His cross channel marketing firm, ATKA SA, has been recognised as one of the top two marketing agency in the country.
  • He was invited to analyse the Oscar Pistorius saga and its impact on global social media on top investigative journalism program, Carte Blanche.
  • He has also appeared on the Good Morning Africa show which is broadcast across the African continent with a viewership of 200 million.
  • He serves as an Executive Board Member for the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • He has done talks and seminars locally, cross-border in countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe and abroad in Mauritius, USA and the UK to name but a few.
  • He is a Full Member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.
  • He is a Platinum Member of the South Africa Business Network.

His energetic approach, passion and faith combined with opportunity and patience might be behind his fast-paced success rate.

“Marketing has become a passion for me, as it allows me to utilise my God-given talents to not only do something that I love and feel passionate about, but to mainly allow me to provide other business owners with the results and business growth that they have been seeking.” — Leon Marinus.


  • 2010: Starts ATKA SA on a promising note.
  • 2011: Won FNB Most Promising Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
  • 2011: ATKA SA voted a FNB Business of the Year Finalist.
  • 2012: ATKA SA recognised by Financial Mail as one of the Top Two Marketing Agencies in South Africa for 2012/2013 term.
  • 2013: Nominated again for Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
  • 2013: Elected as Executive Board Member of Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • 2014: Winner of the Silver Small Business of the Year Award.
  • 2015: Finalist for South African Entrepreneur of the Year Award with the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

By 2016, Leon aims to permanently emboss his global footprint by opening ATKA International to the USA.

At his young age, Leon is destined to become one of the leading motivational speakers and businessmen internationally.

“Marketing and Sales is not only a job for me, it is what I was born to do.” — Leon Marinus.





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