9 Tips for building your Facebook fan Page and generating new leads

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When you have a business, be it locally or online, you always want to promote it the best way you possibly can in order to generate more leads and increase the number of sales that you currently have. With the help of online marketing and social media marketing the promotional aspect has become a lot easier to do, and a lot cheaper too.

One of the best ways to promote your company in a professional way is to create a fan page for it on Facebook. The whole process is very easy to perform and the benefits will be tremendous because you will have the opportunity to reach larger audiences. In this article we are going to focus on a few tips that will help you improve your Facebook fan page and lead generation.

1. Add an impressive cover art. Images and videos always entice the user to visit a page, so you need to add a cover art that is simply eye-catching. Be careful to use an original image, and preferably one that has your logo in it in order to show professionalism.

2. Bring a unique profile image. Just like the cover art, this image needs to be unique and represent your brand. Be it your logo or an image that relates to your brand, the profile image is very important because this is the thing that will remain in the mind of the user when he tries to associate your name with anything. This is why you need to go with a simple image that tells a lot.

3. Use page apps. Instead of leaving your page as is, you should try and integrate one of the numerous Facebook applications that are available. From videos to events, competitions, fan counts and so on, all of these will bring a lot of style to your page, something that’s really necessary as you try to differentiate your page from other similar ones.

4. Change the About section often. A lot of companies tend to keep the same information on their About page for years, but the best thing to do is to update it whenever it’s necessary. Since all businesses evolve, new products are created and the fan base expands, you need to send something that gains the attention of users, while also informing them about your company.

5. Bring links and descriptions to profile images. In order for your business to look professional in front of your audience, you always need to add a good description, preferably ones that includes the keywords you want to rank for.

6. Put a description for your cover photo. The cover photo is not there only for design, people can also click on it so bring a description that tells them about your company or tell them about new products. You can even add a link you want.

7. Reply to comments. This shows people that you actually care about the community and what you post, so it will be much easier for your users to connect with you. Yes, it might eat up a little more time, but in the end the help it brings to the table is invaluable.

8. Add Call To Action in posts. If you want to showcase the release of a new product or encourage users to check out your discounts, you need to add a powerful call to action that will make users click the link to visit your site. Put yourself in the shoes of a user and see exactly what would appeal to you!

9. Get a custom URL. Instead of using the default URL that Facebook gives automatically you should try an create your own, custom URL as that will make your page look professional

And that’s it! These 9 tips are specifically designed to help you improve the looks and functionality of you Facebook fan page! With the help of Leon Marinus and ATKA SA – Cross Channel Marketing Specialists you can easily create the Facebook page you always wanted without any effort but with the best possible results


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