8 Things you need to know about LinkedIn to generate leads for your business

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Social media can have more than positive effect on your business as long as you are using all of its resources properly. LinkedIn is a social media created specifically for professionals and whose main purpose is to help professionals connect with each other, find new business opportunities and generate new leads.

LinkedIn can have a positive impact when it comes to performing online marketing and building up your brand, but it can also be really helpful when it comes to expanding your market and generating new leads.

1. Link with lots of people Extending your network is very important if you want to generate leads for your site, because otherwise you can’t take the full advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer. Browse services similar to yours, people that work in the industry or simply share the passion for what you do, as these are certainly the best way to make new connections, market your products and get some sales rolling through the use of LinkedIn.

2. Enter discussions on LinkedIn The platform is host to numerous types of discussions and you need to make sure that you engage in as many as possible. Helping people solve their problem is the first step towards showing them that you and your company are experts. This means that they will most likely check you and your site, and even purchase some of your services. Engage in discussions and always try to be helpful because, in the end, LinkedIn is a social network.

3. Use search engines to find niches If you want to connect with people in a certain niche, it’s important to perform a search for LinkedIn groups that are suitable for what you are looking. After you find the desired group you will have better chances to connect with people that are actually interested in the type of products or services that you offer, something that is really helpful.

4. Compliment prospects It might sound like something inappropriate, but connected with people that share the same interest as you and complimenting them about the great things they are doing with their product or service can actually take you a long way and generate new prospects. Don’t hesitate to communicate with as many people as possible and try to help them, talk nice to them as this way you will show that you are a professional and that you have a solution to their problems.

5. Connect with persons that visited your profile A lot of people are visiting your profile but don’t get in touch with you, and that is why you should be the one that tries to connect and talk to them. If they found you, chances are that they might need your services and the best thing to do is to connect with them as fast as you can.

6. Remember to use the advanced filtering options You can use these options to search for people, companies, jobs and so on. This feature makes it very easy for you to create a prospecting list that is tailored towards you needs, something that will help you connect with the right people and generate leads a lot easier.

7. Encourage branding and promote your content If you have a blog that’s fully branded, it’s crucial to integrate it with LinkedIn, as this way you will have the opportunity to connect with people which are actually interested in your content. LinkedIn can also provide you with the necessary exposure for your digital content as well, so try and promote it here as well by using links to your site, shop and so on.

8. Create a LinkedIn group and start a webinar Creating groups and starting webinars provides you with the best way of being perceived as an expert in your field of work. Showing other people that you are really skilled at what you do will certainly generate a lot of leads for your site, so try to create webinars as often as possible when you have something new and relevant to share with the audience.

In the end, LinkedIn can be a great platform if you know how to take advantage of all its resources. With its help you can generate a wide range of leads, so it’s crucial to ensure that you have an active online presence on this platform. If you need any help in getting the most out of LinkedIn, then Leon Marinus and ATKA SA – Cross Channel Marketing Specialists are here to help you take your business to the next level by generating new leads for your company and increase its profitability.


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