7 Things you need to know about Twitter and it’s changes

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I am sure by now you have noticed sweeping changes to the way certain Twitter profiles have changed and you must be wondering what is going on and whwn will this change effect me? Well it’s easy Twitter has recently redesigned it’s layout in the hope that it gives you more functionality and also looks visually more appealing, which in my opinion resembles Facebook a ot but non the less I do like the changes they have made and I think there is 7 key aspects you need to take note of when you change your profile look when prompted.

Firstly the new layout is a lot more visual which means you would have to get your designer to design a visually appealing and ttractive cover image which displays who you are and promotes your brand, this is important as we all know that first impressions last and with a good look and feel to your profile you would probably get more people browsing through your profile.

Secondly they have now allowed for your bio and links to display in a more professional way on the left hand side so that people can quickly and easily see who you are and what you are about and also visit your various websites or online platforms, make sure you have completed this and that your wording and description is thorough and informative. 

Third you will now notice that you stream very much has the look and feel of a Facebook time line feel thus ensure when posting that your visual aid is wel designed and eye catching this should create and encourage engagement with your profile. 

Fourth you would have noticed that twitter has now decided to give you various tabs to the top f your profile that makes it easier for you and your followers or even potential followers can easily navgate and browse through your profile and see what you are upto, what sort of content you tweet and also importantly who you follow and who follows you. 

Fifth you profile picture is a lot more promiment and this I do feel is a very important change because twitter is after all a social network and therefort people would like to engage with someone or a brand it is important for you to ensure that your profile picture is either that of yourself or your company or brand this is what or who people will engage with so no longer should you have standard twitter images or some irrelevant picture there but allow people to engage with you this will make your interaction a lot more personal and people will feel like they are in fact engaging with someone real.

Sixth change that twitter has brought on is not new but a simple shift of location and making it more promiment is the trends section which is now found on the right hand side of your profile make sure to follow the trends and where possible create engagement using trending topics as to join connversations and to build your following.

Seventh is not a change but something I feel a lot of people need to understand, Twitter is a social network and therefor required engagement and quality content, thus when tweeting always try and create content that people will want to see and engage with, use hashtags sparingly I would recommend no more than 3 Hashtags per tweet and also links back to your website or blog where people can engage with your full article.

All in all I think Twitter has done a great thing here and I really like the new look and layout and I am sure many people have hated the change but as always they will get use to it and will soon see that the new look is a good move for everyone concenrned. Enjoy the new and improved Twitter.  

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